Welcome to my Home page!

This site contains some information on my work in science in chemistry, biochemistry and biophysics, mostly by NMR and data-treatment.

You will find here program to download; conferences and teaching I have been doing lately; both in english and in french; as well as some pdf-reprints of my papers.

This site was setted up in order to provide as much valuable information as possible to visitors. If you find errors, lacking features or if you find this site usefull ; please let me know and drop me a line (delsuc .at. ).

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Je prie mes collègues et amis francophones de bien vouloir m'excuser pour ces pages en anglais; mais je n'ai pas eu le temps ni le courage de faire deux versions de ce site; la version anglaise étant malgré tout plus "internationale".
Vous trouverez néanmoins des contributions en français dans les conférences et la biblio.