Useful links

This page is in its early beginning, it should keep expanding in the near future...

Places where I work

  • I have moved in september 2008 to IGBMC in Strasbourg, to work with the Bruno Kieffer team.
  • The Centre de Biochimie Structurale is the lab where I have been working since its creation in january 1993 until august 2008.
  • The NMRtec company which I founded in 2000 and where I worked for nearly 14 years
  • CASC4DE is the new exciting project on which I work, BigBata for Biophysics !

Some interesting places

  • Hervé This, in the Oct 2009 issue of Pour la Science as written a very nice presentation of some of my recent work. It can be read here.
  • Additionaly, the Spaghetti experiment he is mentionning is presented in the 2 2009 presentation (previous page). For you only, I made a smal excerpt here.

WEB sites I visit

  • Dror's list (use it also to advertise for your positions)
  • Stan's Blog and link pages containing many good links for the NMR spectroscopist (visit the whole site if you dare)